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Yoga Instructor
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Yoga Instructor
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Lina Sher

Yoga Instructor


“Movement is the song of the body.” – Vanda Scaravelli

Asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) teacher, trained and fully insured by the British Wheel of Yoga and also the London Yoga Teacher Training Group.

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years and teaching since 2013. I graduated from two teacher training programmes led by Chloe Fremantle, Peter Blackaby, Giovanni Felicioni, Lisa McRory, Cara Bowen and Judy Cameron.

My teaching follows the tradition of Mary Stewart and Vanda Scaravelli, who studied with the legendary B.K.S Iyengar who enthusiastically endorsed her approach.

The practice is revitalising and energising, yet also gentle and deeply relaxing, with emphasis on grounding, breathing and releasing the spine in the postures.

Yoga with Lina is suitable for all ages, from complete beginners or people who think of themselves as unfit and stiff, through to yoga fans who would like to try a style that focuses on alignment and releasing tension ahead of building muscular strength. Of course if you work with the body it will change, muscles will become stronger and the range of movement will improve.

My emphasis is on encouraging each student to take what they need from yoga, incorporating the benefits into their daily lives so that they can better understand their reactions to situations and deal with the stresses of everyday living.


Yoga is for everyone and every body.

As well as adult classes open to all, I teach tailored classes, prenatal classes and one-to-one sessions. Sessions last 90 minutes, with no more than 4 to 5 students.

In a class we exercise every part of the body, stimulating the respiratory and circulatory systems. The asanas (poses) are taught in a balanced sequence which involves standing, sitting, lying, forward and back bending, twisting and inversions. Poses are adapted to suit the needs of each student, with lots of individual attention from your instructor. It is not competitive.

Properly executed, these asanas can improve muscular strength and tone, flexibility, and remove impurities by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. Correct placement of the feet, knees and hips helps to ground and ensure alignment.

Physical benefits include increased flexibility, building strength and improving balance.

Gently lengthening the spine and doing each asana with emphasis on the breath facilitates proper breathing and prevents injury which could be caused by forcing oneself into the pose.


This profound approach to yoga helps you to find true comfort in your own body.
Breathing in each asana enables you not only to concentrate better, but also progresses naturally into sitting pranayama (breathing practices) for inner stillness and deep relaxation.

I will help you to stay in your body, and breathe in the moment, letting everything else drop away, leaving you feeling refreshed, energised, balanced and ready to re-enter the world calm and centred.


Prenatal yoga classes are carefully adapted for you to practise as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy until the birth of your baby.
My yoga for pregnancy classes offer a friendly and supportive environment where you can unwind, move and breathe. We focus on building a confidence in your body and trust in your inner self.

The benefits of the postures, breathing and relaxation exercises in specialised prenatal yoga include:

create body awareness and alignment, enhancing posture and confidence;
reduce stress and calm the mind, helping you sleep;
improve circulation;
help relieve or eliminate leg cramps, heartburn, restless leg syndrome and other symptoms associated with pregnancy;
explore birth positions and build strength and stamina for labour.

We work to release tension and promote relaxation, using a combination of simple postures, movements and breathing.


If you have never tried yoga before, or did but found the class quite demanding, this gentle approach to yoga will be perfect for you.
I am patient and non-judgemental, creating comfort, taking care to stay within the limits of YOUR body.


Please contact me directly for further information about any of my classes, to discuss private lessons, or to find out more about my specialised prenatal classes.

I currently offer classes on Mondays at 17:00 and 19:00 (pre-booking only)